Management Advisory


We understand what works in the corporate environment. We understand that maintaining focus and direction is the intention and yet often becomes the main challenge in moving forward to attain business goals. We have been in numerous board rooms and C-suites negotiating and planning in Africa, Canada, the Middle East, and the United States. We fully appreciate business nuances and practices that can lead your group to success.

We work with you as we initially understand your business challenges and advise your team to regain the focus to ensure all working groups are aligned moving toward success together.

Business Planning


We have an easy-to-follow planning process where we break down your ultimate goal into actionable and tangible steps to make the entire process more sequential.

We are experienced in business plan writing, financial analysis and budgeting, business continuity planning, risk management, data analysis, and business strategy implementation. Let us know what your needs and challenges are, and we will work together with you toward your success.

Market Development


Communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time is vital to your business’ success. You need to capture the imagination and attention of your key market, and then continue to do this sustainably. Once you accomplish this, you will well be on your way to achieving your goals. Let us help you get there!

We specialize in website development & management, marketing strategy, app development, print & digital collateral, and e-commerce implementation.



The old adage continues to hold true; it’s all about who you know. We get that one’s personal experience, education, training, and skill-set play a vital role in advancement.  We also appreciate the value in having a great network.

In our many years of professional and educational experience, we have explored and continue to foster key relationships in global agribusiness, banking and finance, event management, and renewable energies.  

Contact us to join us as we always move forward together.

Investing & Capital Access


Protect, guard, and grow your assets!  Our multiple years of experience give you the confidence knowing your needs are at the forefront of our minds as we bring you investment opportunities.  We have a strong network in niche markets that can bring your goals to fruition!