The processes of world formation, company formation, brand formation or any institutional formation go through very similar stages of internalization, externalization, and objectivation.  It is vital to get this right.  And in order to be effective and successful, a plan must be formulated.

Any firm can have a great idea that will guarantee their growth.  Any firm can have a great idea that will guarantee greater efficiencies, or drive revenues higher.  Any firm can have a great idea that will ensure the satisfaction of shareholders.  However great an idea is, it will not be truly great until that idea goes through the same world formation process and is finally made objective and put into action.

Ideas all begin internally.  They can be the result of observing inefficiencies, of many years of repetition, of engaging in one’s own creativity, through networking and communicating with others, and even from inspired vision.  At the core, an idea is formulated from within.  A great and lasting idea will continually grow, continually inspire, and continually present itself.  The idea wants to transform itself into something tangible and objective.  The beginning of the idea, or rather the internalization of the idea, can incubate for days, weeks, and even decades before they are acted upon.  There is no time limit to the idea before it progresses to the next stage. 

Once an idea is revealed and internalized, that idea must be communicated and planned externally to continue moving forward.  A great idea cannot stay, and does not stay, internalized.  To become a reality, the idea must move from an internal place into an external space.  Various scenarios are created, strategies are formulated, meetings are held, and cross-departmental collaboration is implemented to refine the idea and ready it for the next phase of launch, or objectivation. 

Now that the initial phases of world formation are complete and your idea continues to progress, the final phase of objectivation is how the idea becomes objective reality.  We see an idea go from internal thought to tangible reality where that idea can be seen, heard, and felt.  This phase is where the planning from the previous phases is put into action; buildings are built, equipment is manufactured, e-commerce platforms are launched, communication strategies are revealed to your team, reports are generated, and advertisements are published. The great idea has become part of your firm’s reality.

The hard work is never completed however.  Though it is prudent to take time to rest from progressing through each phase, completing the phases requires a reflection and evaluation of the entire process to see for areas of improvement.  Once an idea is acted upon and goes from internalization to externalization and to objectivation, a feedback loop is created where there is constant flow from the thought of an idea to its fruition. 

All of these phases of world formation can be planned and documented.  It is actually vital to plan and document these phases in order to bring your great ideas to reality.  Having progressed through this world formation process many times ourselves in varying circumstances, SVEIA GROUP understands the planning process to help you navigate each phase successfully.  By doing this, we bring greater value to your operations.  Contact us to begin the process of planning to make your ideas come to life.

  • August 2020

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